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Ping Testing Connections

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Ping Testing

I received a call today from a customer having connection issues to the sites they wanted to, I told them to do the following, press the Windows key on your keyboard and the R key.Windows Key Plus R Key

This brings up a dialogue to enter a command to run. In the command prompt type cmd and press enter. When it opens you will see a command prompt. At the command prompt type “ping” if you do this you will see a error about it timing out, if you have a connection problem with your connection to the internet. If you get an IP address then you know your DNS is working fine and you also know your connection to the internet is working fine.
Below you will see an image of the command prompt with the results. As you will notice you see the domain name as well as the IP address of the domain. The time will tell you how long it took to make a round trip from the server and back as you can see in this example it was 88ms at one point. The ms stands for milliseconds.

CMD Output


That leaves us to believe it must be your software. In this case the customer just rebooted his PC and all was well.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you are using a Verizon MIFI or a portable hot spot from any company you are using a wireless connection.
Being a wireless connection means that the connection is going to fade in and out much like your radio will in your car. Even WIFI in a house will experience signal degradation if you have someone walk between you and the router.

Hope you got your questions answered and learned something from this post if not you can always call 864-280-9181 for support.